Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The family records

Dedicated to the descendants of George Tinch who moved from the Roanoke Valley of Virginia to Tennessee about 1810. George Tinch fathered Anderson Tinch who fathered Jackson Polk Tinch.

In 1987 Cathy Jeffers and I published 50 copies or so of The Family Records of Jackson Polk Tinch.
Polk was the son of Anderson Tinch of Fentress County Tennessee and the father of Timothy Grant Tinch, Anderson Colfax Tinch, Titus Franklin Tinch, Mary Alice Tinch, Alexander George Tinch, John C. Tinch, William Harvey Tinch, and Andrew Jackson Tinch.

Cathy and I took over the work from Mrs. Dona Hiser, who by 1987 was 80-years-old and unable to complete the work by herself.

We sold our 50 copies or so and still had requests a few years later.

The records themselves have not been updated since 1987. But we have added some material not in the original. This Ebook should prove useful for research and will be treasured by family members. There is quite a lot of valuable information. The Ebook presents the material as a pdf file to be read on your computer or printed out. 

It includes the following sections:
*  History written by Jackson Polk Tinch
*  History written by Dona Hiser
*  Letter from Ollie Farris
*  How to read the family records
*  Family Records -- 900 plus family members listed
*  Photos and additional information

Best wishes,
Sandra Turner

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  1. Sandra,
    I am a descendent of George Tinch’s son, Alexander G Tinch, who moved to Illinois. I’d be interested in corresponding with you. Stephanie Wilhelm